T-72, T-72A, T-72M, T-72B3 Tank Simulator

T-72, T-72A, T-72M, T-72B3 TANK SIMULATOR

The T-72 integrated training simulator (hereinafter referred to as the simulator) is designed to instruct and drill the T-72 crew to drive, perform fire missions when training specialists in training units and in the course of combat training of troops in class conditions without expending the combat vehicle engine life, fuel and ammunition.

The simulator provides for practicing by the commander, gunner and driver the fulfillment of the following tasks:

  • acquiring and development by the commander and the gunner of the following skills:
  • studying the composition and layout of the vehicle controls and instrumentation;
  • target reconnaissance and acquisition in the day time and at night in various weather conditions and on different types of terrain;
  • firing from stationary position at pop-up and moving targets in the day and night conditions;
  • firing on the move and from short halts at fast-opening pop-up and moving targets during the day and night;
  • performance by the commander and gunner of exercises according to the Marksmanship Course for Shooting from Small Arms, Grenade Launchers, Flamethrowers and Weapons of Army Combat and Special Vehicles (MC);
  • performance of training exercises by the driver according to the Army Combat and Special Vehicle Driving Course (DC).

The simulator is installed permanently in the classroom.


General specifications

Minimum deployment area
at least 42m2
Operating temperature, °C
from +10 0C to +35 0C at max 80% humidity
Simulator power supply
220V, 50 Hz single-phase AC with ground bus
Power consumption
up to 7.5 kW.
Simulator up-time
up to 5 min.