MZKT-751351 Vehicle Driving Simulator

The dynamic driving simulator for MZKT-751351 special wheeled chassis (hereinafter referred to as the simulator) is designed to train MZKT-751351 drivers on different types of terrain, in various weather conditions during the daytime and at night at training units without expending the engine life, fuel and lubricants.

The simulator provides for training the driver in performing the following tasks:

  • performance of exercises by the driver according to the Special Vehicle Driving Course (DC);
  • acquiring and development by the driver of the following skills:
  • preparation of the MZKT-751351 for driving;
  • starting the engine under various weather conditions;
  • driving across desert, moderately rugged, mountainous terrain;
  • overcoming natural and artificial obstacles.

    The simulator is mounted permanently in the classroom.


General specifications

Minimum deployment area
at least 30m2
Operating temperature, °C
from +10 0C to +35 0C at max 80% humidity
Simulator power supply
220V, 50 Hz single-phase AC with ground bus
Power consumption
up to 7.5 kW.
Simulator up-time
up to 5 min.