The International Military-Technical Forum "Army" is one of the main global platforms where leading manufacturers of weapons and military equipment demonstrate their achievements.

The forum was held in three locations: the Patriot Exhibition Center, the Aviation equipment was presented in Kubinka, and the Ground Forces equipment was demonstrated at the Alabino training ground.

During the International Military-Technical Forum "Army-2021", the representatives of Virtual Technologies JLLC held a number of meetings and negotiations with representatives of foreign delegations on promising cooperation matters relating to the supply of training aids and training systems for civil and military purposes.

The linguistic support when accompanying the Virtual Technologies JLLC delegation and in the course of negotiations was provided by the professional interpreters and translators of the DealinguaTranslation Agency.

During the negotiations, foreign specialists made a pointed reference to the high level of technical characteristics and capabilities of the training systems and simulators developed by Virtual Technologies, as well as their conformity with advanced international standards and trends.

During the meetings, our partners have repeatedly drawn attention to the fact that professional and high-quality training using modern simulators and training equipment is not only the key to maintaining high combat readiness of personnel and their ability to effectively perform assigned missions, but also allows to significantly increase the service life of the equipment used by avoiding errors during its operation.

The forum was attended by organizations and enterprises from more than 40 countries of the world. At the same time, more than 90 foreign delegations from the CIS countries, the Middle East, Asia and Africa, as well as Latin America, visited the exhibition grounds.

Specimens and prototypes of advanced weapons and military equipment were presented at the forum.

All thus, the visit to this exhibition allowed the specialists of Virtual Technologies JLLC not only to hold fruitful meetings and negotiations with potential customers, but also to get acquainted with the trends in the development of the industry, which significantly contributes to maintaining the competitiveness of the products being developed, since our absolute priority is to provide the customer with advanced and high-tech solutions in the field of training and instruction systems.